Terms and Conditions

This The Bicester Village Shopping Collection promotional offer has been arranged for the benefit of Asia Miles Customers only (“Customer”), and is provided by Value Retail PLC (“Value Retail”). The terms and conditions that apply to this offer are:

  1. This promotional offer is available to Customers making purchases at the participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages between 15 December 2018 - 15 February 2019.

  2. Bonus Miles
    1. Customers who, on the date of purchase at a participating Village (defined below):
      • present:
        - their Asia Miles membership card; and
        - their invitation to this bonus/promotional miles offer; and
        - their receipts for Qualifying Purchases (being goods, including food and beverages) purchased by Customers at the participating Village;

      • shall be entitled to earn extra 1,000 miles on top of base miles (earn 1.25 miles per 1 euro/pound or 10RMB spend) for spent of 500 euro or pound or 5000 RMB.

    2. Claims for this Bonus Miles offer can only be made on the date the Qualifying Purchases are made. No retroactive claims will be permitted in connection with this Bonus Miles promotion.

    3. Claims for this Bonus Miles offer is only available at participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages:
      - Participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages are: all Villages in Europe and China.

    4. No ‘points’ or ‘miles’ will be awarded for Qualifying Purchases purchased by anyone other than the Customer. The Customer may be required to provide evidence (including, but not limited to, proof of identification and proof of purchase), to Value Retail’s reasonable satisfaction, that it was the purchaser of the Qualifying Purchases before any points or miles are awarded.

    5. For the avoidance of doubt, Customers shall only be entitled to an award of ‘miles’ or ‘points’ or 'cashback' in respect of one (1) Loyalty Program Partner per Qualifying Purchase receipt. Any attempt to claim miles or points or cashback in respect of multiple Loyalty Program Partners using the same Qualifying Purchase receipt(s) shall be refused.

    6. Each customer is entitled to redeem bonus miles for once only from this promotion.

  3. VIP Card 
    1. Customers, presenting their Asia Miles membership card together with their VIP Card invitation, at the Village Welcome, Visitor or Tourist Information Centre, will (subject to availability and any "blackout periods" that may apply at a Village) be entitled to receive a complimentary "VIP Card", which will provide them with a 10% reduction in selected boutiques at the Participating Villages.

    2. The VIP Card is only valid on the date of issue and at the Participating Village in which it is issued, and can only be used once in each participating boutique. The VIP Card is only for use at the participating outlet boutiques at the Village in which the VIP Card is issued, and must be presented at the time of purchase in order to receive the benefit of the 10% reduction.

    3. Full terms and conditions apply concerning the availability and use of the VIP Card will be supplied upon issue of the VIP Card and are also available upon request at the relevant participating Village Welcome, Visitor or Tourist Information Centre and on the relevant Village website.

    4. The VIP Card will not be available during "Further Reduction" or "Blackout" periods. Full details of any "blackout" periods when the VIP Card will not be available will be provided at the relevant Village Welcome, Visitor or Tourist Information Centre.

    5. Value Retail acts as the agent of the participating boutiques at all times and the VIP Card creates no contractual relationship between Value Retail and you in relation to the discount offered by the VIP Card or otherwise.  You shall have no right, and waive any ability you may have to make any claim against Value Retail in the event that a participating boutique fails to honour the VIP Card, and your only remedy in that situation is to claim against the participating boutique.

    6. Neither Value Retail, nor any members of the same group of companies as Value Retail:

      - take any responsibility for the prices at which the participating boutique advertises or sells the goods from time to time; or

      - give any warranties regarding the goods (including without limitation the quality thereof) that you may obtain with the VIP Card at the relevant participating boutique.

    7. This promotional offer is only available at VIP Card Participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages.

      - VIP Card Participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages are: Bicester Village, Kildare Village, Wertheim Village, Ingolstadt Village, La Roca Village, Las Rozas Village, Maasmechelen Village, La Vallée Village, Fidenza Village, Suzhou Village and Shanghai Village.

  4. General
    1. This promotional offer is only available at participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages.

    2. Participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages are: Bicester Village; Kildare Village; La Vallee Village; La Roca Village; Las Rozas Village; Fidenza Village; Maasmechelen Village; Ingolstadt Village; Wertheim Village; Suzhou Village and Shanghai Village.

    3. The right to benefit from this promotional offer is personal to the recipient of an invitation, and may not be transferred.  The invitation may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form, or by any means for use by a person other than the original recipient. Proof of identity (and purchase) may be requested.

    4. This promotional offer may only be redeemed once per Customer. Any further purchases made at participating The Bicester Village Shopping Collection Villages during the promotional period shall only attract the usual miles.

    5. This promotional offer may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer, coupon or other voucher.

    6. The benefits granted by this promotional offer cannot be exchanged for cash.

    7. Value Retail reserves the right to withdraw or cancel this promotional offer for any reason at any time.

    8. Value Retail will not be liable to the Customer for any financial loss arising out of refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of the promotional offer, or any failure or inability of the Customer to take advantage of this promotional offer.

    9. Use of this promotional offer by members of the Partner indicates such members’ agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions, and such members’ acceptance of Value Retail’s privacy policy and terms and conditions found at Thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/en/legal/terms-and-conditions and Thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/en/legal/privacy-policy

    10. The provider of this promotional offer is Value Retail PLC, whose registered address is: 19 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8ED, United Kingdom.