Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility
Value Retail’s corporate responsibility approach is fundamental in terms of scope, values, behaviours and ethics.

Value Retail is a major direct employer and a generator of indirect employment in each of the communities in which it works. It creates lasting partnerships with the Village communities and local stakeholders. To read the Value Retail statement on modern slavery and human trafficking, please click here.

To read Value Retail’s Summary Report on Employment and Gender Pay Equality, please click here.

Value Retail promotes the principle of sustainability in all facets of the business while also ensuring that it maintains the benchmarks of design and quality in the Villages. To read Value Retail’s Sustainability Report, please click here.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Value Retail is committed to supporting charities and projects established to help those in need and works in unison across the Villages to support international initiatives. This has led to collaboration with organisations such as UNICEF. Currently Value Retail has a corporate partnership with Partners In Health.

Value Retail's Corporate Social Responsibility activity also focuses on working to produce a positive impact on the local communities and regions in which the Villages are located. Local partners have included Cuidam, which specialises in medical treatment for children from underdeveloped countries; L’ENVOL, a camp for chronically ill children; and Mané VZW, established to help disabled people and children born with brain damage.