Vision and Values

Value Retail’s vision is to serve the world’s leading brands and its sophisticated, international guests with the best luxury outlet experience.

Value Retail’s commitment to authenticity, diversity and creativity is fundamental to the integrity and growth of its business.

Value Retail’s genuine commitment to authenticity delivers on the promise of its company values. Authenticity strengthens the integrity and contribution of Value Retail’s organisational culture, quality of service and provides a strong link with brands, partners, colleagues and guests.

Value Retail embraces innovation in all aspects of its business. It encourages critical thinking, passion and teamwork to engage all our colleagues to become active participants in the success of the business.

Value Retail is passionate about the level of service it offers its brand partners and its guests. It promotes the active engagement of all colleagues to deliver extraordinary experiences every day.

Critical Thinking
An inquisitive outlook is seen as the foundation of leadership at Value Retail, where colleagues are inspired to challenge the obvious and execute as one team with speed and excellence.

Long-term, goal-oriented planning is encouraged at Value Retail, which places a premium on a mission-driven mindset and a global outlook.