Brand Partners

Value Retail’s outlet channel of distribution facilitates the sale of authentic fashion and luxury surplus product to complementary, aspirational customers. Value Retail concentrates exclusively on the high-end luxury and fashion brands, and on serving the international guests with a premier level of hospitality.

Through sales of surplus branded inventory, Value Retail provides enhanced brand positioning, high levels of productivity and year on year revenue growth.

Value Retail’s proprietary approach is well placed to address the changing trends in the distribution of surplus stock. It is becoming a partner of choice for brands as they move toward a strategy of limiting sales periods in their full price locations.

On-site Support for Brands
Value Retail delivers services, training and assistance to its brands through teams of retailers at each Village, maximising sales performance and productivity.

Each Village has a team of retailers, including a General Merchandise Manager, a Visual Merchandising Manager and dedicated marketing team to provide expertise and support for brand promotions, in-store presentations and window displays.

Value Retail employs a department store philosophy that incorporates licensed occupancy, a royalty structure, and a high quality of display and merchandise mix in individual boutiques. By utilising a percentage of sales approach, Value Retail truly partners hand in hand with fashion and luxury brands.

The Value of Trust
Many brands have chosen to work with Value Retail across a number of the Villages. Many other brands have opened their first only European or worldwide outlet with Value Retail.