Village Retail

An Authentic Experience
Each of the Villages in Europe reflects the qualities of its respective region and incorporates vernacular architecture in its pedestrianised, open air street of boutiques. In China, Suzhou Village and Shanghai Village are fusions of Chinese and other artistic and artisanal influences, creating two destinations, each a distinctive design.

Through a careful combination of scale, design, materials, amenities, and merchandising, Value Retail has crafted a bespoke setting that creates a memorable shopping experience.

A Sense of Place
Each Village offers a range of amenities that combine to create a superior shopping experience. These can include a variety of restaurants and cafés, personal shopping, seasonal pop up boutiques, special cultural exhibitions, on-site regional tourism experts, VIP lounges, valet parking and many other personalised services designed to enhance the shopping experience.

Within the Village, the brands are featured in elegant boutiques with the quality of product, ambience and guest service expected from the brands’ flagship stores.

The Village experience respects the values and character of fashion and luxury brands. It speaks of “retail boutiques” and not “shopping centres”.